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The Fin Guy is a maker of handcrafted classic vintage reproduction wooden surfboards for
decorating and collecting in styles of the early 1920's, like those made by Tom Blake and
Bob Simmons. My boards are made of solid lumber. I use Pine and Redwood or Balsa and Cedar.
They are hand shaped, sanded and lacquer to a furniture quality finish.

I also build handcraft vintage wooden skegs (i.e. fins) for restoring longboards and I build
inlay nose and tail blocks to repair vintage surfboards. To add that custom look to your
board I make solid wood fins, in many styles and shapes of the 60's.

For the need of hanging your board on the wall I make wood board racks to hang restored
longboards on the wall. My board racks are made of Baltic Birch with various veneer material
finishs. Mounting hardware included.

Model surfboards of vintage wood surfboard scaled reproductions in 1/3 scale models,
in styles of the early 1920's and 1960's Longboards.

Balsa wood blanks. My boards are made of solid lumber not chambered.
I use Redwood or Western Red Cedar for my stringers. Shapes and styles per your request.
I don't stock Balsa blanks becoause of the cost of material, I make them up per order.
The leed time is about 6 to 8 weeks from order.

Wooden Surfboards for the use as a Coffee table, Bartop or Mantel. Boards are made of solid lumber.
They are hand shaped, sanded and lacquer to a furniture quality finish.
Please look at the Furniture link to view what I have Built.

Special note: See News link, for details.
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