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Handcrafted Balsa wood surfboard blanks
My boards are made of solid lumber. Each board I hand select the lumber for color,grain pattern and weight
each board uses about a hundred and 100 board feet of lumber, balsa cost about $12.00 a board foot and takes
many hours to build so they are costly. However they are a beautiful piece of workmanship and many consider
them as a work of art
. I use Balsa for our blank material, with Redwood or Western Red Cedar for stringers.
All boards are made in the U.S.A. Shapes and styles per you request.
Balsa Blank Side View
Side View showing rocker
Balsa Blank Top View
Balsa is grown in forest from Central to South America,
but mainly in Ecquador. Balsa trees grow
very rapidly after germination the tree is mature for
harvest in about 6 to 10 years, the tree will be about
90 feet tall and about 45 inches in diameter. Balsa
weigh about 6 to 8 pounds per cubic foot, depending
on moisture content and density of lumber,
an avgerage blank weigth about 47 pounsds.
Balsa is stronger then foam per cubic foot
both longitude and latitude in direction of grain.

Blanks come with or without a scarf joint
to allow for rocker, which is the way they have
always been made. Scarf joint is a better way
then bending lumber to make the rocker.
Lumber has a memory and naturally wants to
return to its original shape. Blanks use about
100 Board Feet of lumber depending on size,
and takes about 40 hours to make a blank.

Our lumber is kiln dried to about 4% moisture
content. Our Balsa is a mixed grade A and B.
We weigh each piece of lumber to balance
our boards, keeping weight as ballanced from side
to side as possible, then we cut lumber to length,
glue extra materail to deck to make rocker if need be,
then template shaped and add stringer (if desired),
glue, detailed sanded and ready for you.
A finished blank weighs about 41 pounds.
Each blank is custom made for you here in the U.S.A.

<- Shown from top view
Scarf Joints on blanks for boards that have a greater than 2-1/2" nose and tail rocker.
Max. thickness of blank is 3", unless requested thicker.
Rocker Profile with Scarf Joint
Drawing Not to Scale
Custom Order Quote for Blank With Scarf
No-Scarf Joints on blanks for boards that have a less than than 2-1/2" nose and tail rocker.
Max thickness of blank is 3"
Rocker Profile No Scarf Joint
Drawing Not to Scale
Custom Order Quote for Blank No Scarf
call 714-814-7052
Between 7:00 to 5:00 P.S.T. Mon thur Sat.
Balsa Blanks are packed for shipping via Common Carrier.
Blanks are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in
Plywood crate. Cost of crating is $95.00 when shipping within U.S.A.
All International orders are to be arranged by Customer
for pick-up, packing, crating, and shipping. Also any Tariffs
Customs, Duties and any other charges for Export are the
Customers responsibility

Shipping Information:
Shipping prices are quoted on per order basis and are
dependent on U.S.A. geographic destination. Shipping is at
customers expense and all freight charges are due at
time of shipping. Shipping F.O.B Garden Grove,
California USA.

Ordering Information:
I have two ways of ordering.
(1.) Click
Order Balsa Blanks to order.Please print out the Order
form and mail with deposit
(2.) Click on the e-mail link to send me an e-mail
I can also be reached by phone at 714-814-7052
Between 7:00 to 5:00 P.S.T. Mon thur Sat. Closed Sun.

50% down with order. Balance due at
time of shipping. Money orders, Cashiers checks, No
Personal checks. All pricing is in U.S. dollars.
All International orders are to be prepaid
by Western Union Express Mandate ®
Lead Times: 6 to 8 weeks.

Since each blank is made of wood, grain patterns and color may vary.
Special note: See News link, for details.
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