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Balsa Blank Deck View Finished

Balsa Blank Bottom View

Hi Bob,
I finally finish the board last week. It turned out great. Everyone said you did a great job with the blank. My glasser said you did a good job on the blank, most balsa boards he has glassed have gaps between the boards. Someone else mentioned you scored on the quality of the balsa, most of the new balsa boards he has seen used poor quality balsa that look bad. I'm looking forward to building another one as soon as I sell this one.
Vintage Surfboard Wall Hanging
Hey Bob,
Happy New Year! We hung our 9'0 Vintage reproduction board today.
Thanks again and God Bless.
Kas, Flea, Ryder and Pfeiffer
Wooden Surfboard Scale Model
The little board is awe inspiring!
The shaping and the finishing are just so perfect.
Your skill is amazing!
Wooden Surfbaord Mantle
Hi Bob,
The surfboard mantel got great reviews from everyone who has seen it. It really looks fabulous,
Wooden Surfboard Bartop
Bob -
Absolutely Awesome. Can't tell you how Beautiful the board is.
Wooden Surfboard Mantel
Just gorgeous! I love my maghony,ash and walnut mantel. The quality of workmanship is
breathtaking.The different lumbers work beautifully together. The color is so rich.
Working with the fin guy was a pleasure. He was a total professional.
Checkerboard Tail Block
I think your tail block is just stunning on the board. 
Model Wooden Surfboard

Artwork extra

The board looks great. Again, thanks so much for doing such a great job on such short notice.

R3 Fin Blank fiberglass by others

Wow, how did I do that?
Ceiling Racks
Thank you for making the most beautiful ceiling surf racks. My new 6' 8" fish has a wonderful home. Everyone who has seen the racks, compliments them.
Thanks again for making a superior and beautiful product,
Special note: See News link, for details.
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