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Handmade wooden surfboard furniture
Here is something you may want to add, a theme to your home decor. Wooden surfboard as furniture. Each board I hand select the lumber for color,grain pattern and weight. The material I use is quarter sawn lumber which is a more stable material for expansion and contraction of lumbr, so the material is more costly, than plain slice lumber. However they are a beautiful piece of workmanship and many consider them as a work of art. I have made wooden surfboards as Bar tops, Mantles and Coffee tables. Each board uses about 150 Board Feet of lumber depending on size, and takes about 100 hours to make a board, from start to finish. Boards can be made in most any combinations of lumbers. Think about using Surfboard furniture as a decorative element to your home.
Coffee Table Coffee Table
Bartop Hana Bar Top Side View
Mantel Side view of wood surfbaord mantle
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